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SEPC Employee Records Document #0003876152, Category: CLASSIFIED

[ Player Name ] : Mab
[ Personal LJ ] : mabaliciousness
[ Age ] : 24
[ Timezone ] : USA EST
[ Other Characters ] : N/A

[ Character's Name ] : Reno
[ Character's Age ] : 26
[ Series ] : Final Fantasy VII Compilation
[ Canon Point ] : Post-AC

[ History ] :
Headcanon for pre-BC: Reno grew up in the Sector 6 slums, just outside the Wall Market area. His was a typical story for a child of the slums: his father was an alcoholic who spent too much time at the Honeybee, while he was never able to figure out exactly who his mother was. Needing to defend himself as much at home as on the streets, Reno learned to fight at far too young an age, acquiring street smarts out of necessity in order to survive. Often he simply camped out in secluded spots that afforded some sense of security street urchins like him, finding more peace amidst the grime and darkness of back alleys than at home, where harsh words of criticism were hurled his way as frequently as were glass bottles.

Joining a gang was the obvious (and only) choice for a boy in Reno’s position, and despite his lack of education, he was a quick learner; by the age of fifteen, his was a name well known on the streets. Agile, accurate, and deadly when wielding one of the blunt metal objects that served as weapons of choice, he was quickly acknowledged as a formidable enemy by anyone who had the guts to challenge him. Rumor had it that Reno had absolutely no fear of death or injury, a trait that added a reckless, crazed edge to his fighting style and caused many would-be foes to think twice before crossing him. Within a few years, his increasingly notorious gang began pulling jobs farther and farther from their home turf, which lead to Reno being noticed and eventually recruited by the Turks.

Reno in the FFVII Compilation

[ Personality ] :
Reno is cocky, sarcastic, and heedless of his own well-being when it comes to getting the job done. He has a taste for conflict and danger, as well as a confidence in his own abilities that often gives him the upper hand in a hostile situation. Reno speaks his mind – usually in a tone loud enough to wake the neighbors – and he censors himself for no one. Cause for many a headache amongst his superiors due to his chronic disregard for authority, he has a knack for getting into trouble as a child might; things tend to break, go missing, or spontaneously combust when Reno is around. Yet despite his rather creative interpretation of what it means to “follow orders,” Reno’s expertise in the areas of stealth and melee combat – not to mention his unrivaled connections within the underground networks of thugs and misfits – make him an invaluable asset to the Turks, who act as ShinRa’s eyes and ears the world over. However careless he might seem, Reno is extremely good at his job, and he takes great pride in the work that he does, if not in the appearance of his less-than-pristinely-kept uniform.

Reno’s penchant for sticking his foot in his mouth makes it easy to write him off as nothing more than a clown, yet beneath his foolhardy exterior resides a mind far sharper than he is generally given credit for. While Reno is perfectly happy to act the fool, his apparent recklessness in fact masks the cunning required to stay alive in his line of work – a cunning without which Reno would not have remain as the long-standing second-in-command and one of the few Turks still on the job after nearly a decade. Those who work with Reno regularly know him to be a reliable ally, and those who bother to listen closely enough will find that Reno can be surprisingly profound, however flippant and careless his words might sound on the surface.

Due to his gang background, Reno is extremely loyal to his own and merciless when it comes to enemies of the employer he serves, regardless of whatever dubious motives might lay behind his orders. A testament to the fact, his allegiance to Rufus ShinRa remains steadfast even after the fall of ShinRa Inc. Simply put, when ShinRa says jump – company or no company – Reno asks who he needs to take down with him as he goes over the edge.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :
Reno’s lean frame gives him the agility needed to get out of many tight situations. His habit of acting as the comic relief allows him the advantage when those not in the know underestimate his abilities. If it has a motor, Reno can probably drive or pilot it like a pro racer. He can probably fix it too, provided he doesn’t blow it up first.

He can also drink you under the table.

Ever eager to prove his ability to drink you under the table – whether you ask for proof that he can or not – Reno has understandable issues with mornings. He is therefore seen quite regularly dragging himself into the office late, sometimes in various forms of undress. He can be overtly nihilistic at times, just this shy of absent-minded, and is far better with a weapon than in straight up hand-to-hand combat.

[ Other Important Facts ] :
After he was recruited, ShinRa provided Reno with a snazzy EMR (Electro-Mag Rod) that he is now rarely seen without. Occasionally he’ll go oldschool, though, and pick up a lead pipe or a baseball bat, just for shits and giggles. His EMR is always equipped with Thunder materia, and he seldom goes without some form of Cure, prone to injury as he is. Piss him off enough, and he will not hesitate to shove that electric rod into places where the sun don’t shine.

[ Sample ] :
So ask anyone, and they'll probably tell you I'm not the brightest bulb in the red-light district. I guess that's true, if we're talking spelling bees and paper work. But leave that shit to the drearies and normals, I say. Just 'cause I never wasted my life away sitting in a school room don't mean I ain't smart. I'm probably smarter than you are, it's just that people don't get me.

I am unappreciated, yo.

But I don't really mind. It's like, sure, maybe you can talk your way into a cushy job that'll set you up for life, but then you're still stuck behind a desk doing nothing, and I'm just not down with that. I gotta be out there, be in the now and living, you know? 'Cause what's the point of being alive if you don't live like you could die any second? I could die any second.

And I like it like that.

But seriously, my instincts will take me way farther than any book ever could. Just 'cause most people can't see that don't mean it's not true. I'm fuckin' Reno of the Turks, bitchass, and my name's probably better known than yours ever will be. I am damn good at what I do, and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than shooting some bitches up by day and drinking it up with my boys at night.

That's the life, man. That's living. I'm tellin' ya. If you're not me, if you're not like me, you really don't know what you're missing.

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : None right now! : D

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